Innovation-sa Integrated Business Solutions entity is a one-stop-shop corporate services provider offering a full range of solutions for emerging businesses in the Saudi Arabian market.

Over the last twenty years, we have developed the knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of our clients due to our unique understanding of the business environment and culture.

Our in-house specialists have a wide range and in-depth knowledge of the Saudi government legislations & regulatory general practices. All processes are implemented in compliance with such regulations with close monitoring and updating to our clients of the Saudi government scheme of Saudization by employing local talents as a priority. We act as your Consulting house that can guide you from the initial stages of establishing your business entity all the way through your day to day set up needs till your departure from Innovation-sa business incubator.

Innovation-sa provides the concierge service support to a variety of business industries from Banking & Finance to Defense, Oil & Gas, IT and Real Estate developers.


"At Innovation-sa, we believe that effective management, quality, service and commitment to our Staff, Clients and Vendors are the only means to maintain, develop and continuously add value and growth to our business relation with our clients."


To provide a number 1 high quality one stop shop concierge integrated service package to emerging businesses enabling our clients to focus on their core business.


BPO is integration of all tasks that are not part of the client's main line of activity or specialization.

BPO helps the client company's management to focus on developing the company's core business. On one side, Innovation can help management streamline business processes, improve operating performance, increase efficiency, productivity and control costs. On the other side, management can focus on developing new and improved products, and on increasing sales and market share, enhancing customer service, and expanding into new markets.

Management Consulting


We provide early-stage consultations, during which our professionals offer advice on the optimal choice of legal structures for your business. This requires a detailed consultation as to the nature of the activity, since the choice is a complex and important one, and early-stage missteps can prove costly down the line.

Our senior consultants can also advise you on how best to adapt the substance of your business model to the needs and realities of local laws, consumer preferences and labor markets. Every market has a different business identity, so what might work in some markets worldwide might not work locally and we can help you identify potential pitfalls to minimize entry risk.

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Management Consulting

Furnished Office Space
Setup & Related Services

Innovation-sa provides fully furnished office spaces in prime locations throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with various sizes to fit your evolving needs step by step including security, maintenance, cleaning service, light construction & fit out work.

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Management Consulting

Government Relations

Our long experience with significant government bodies that include various municipalities and ministries (e.g. the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Commerce, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) help speed up the process of all routine procedures, and will ensure smooth and efficient interactions with these official organizations as well as any other semi-government institutions.

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Management Consulting

Facility Operations &

In addition to our serviced offices, we can create a unique facility management environment according to yourneeds, and for various kinds of facilities (offices, stores, warehouses…) We offer turnkey solutions that include planning, designing, managing, up-keeping, and ongoing provision of equipment and supplies. We can even manage certain types of light construction (on a case-by-case basis).

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Management Consulting


Through our network, we can ensure managers and all expatriate staff receive visas in a timely and hassle-free manner in line with the local regulations as they change.

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Management Consulting


Innovation-sa provides transportation services consisting of: short and long-term vehicle leasing, with or without professional drivers. We provide new, clean and safe vehicles that are fully insured with free maintenance.

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Management Consulting


Innovation-sa prepares incoming and outgoing bank checks and cash registers, and provide payroll services, invoicing services, ledger management, receivables/payables/accruals/bank reconciliations, and even complete monthly management accounts.

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Management Consulting


We create comprehensive packages to meet our clients’ startup and ongoing needs. We can mix and match the above options to create the perfect package for your business based on your phasing business needs.

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Management Consulting


We can manage your ongoing relationships with your staff. Significant services we provide include: maintaining updated employee personnel files, which includes but not limited to, their contracts, employee Bio-data information, personnel information, and social security update. Provide logistical support for employees and families, serviced employee accommodation offerings, employee transportation, and medical insurance.

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Management Consulting


Innovation-sa provides in house IT specialists to help you assess the most convenient IT solutions that suit your needs as you move into new office locations. From the diagnostic through the implementation phases, we can make sure you have a scalable, efficient software platform that will allow you to seamlessly collaborate with the local network.

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Management Consulting


Innovation-sa provides certified Arabic to English & vice versa translation services. Our translation is done to rigorous high quality standards.

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Management Consulting


Innovation-sa provides HR advisory services. This may include: talent search, screening, interviews, selection & recruitment. We also provide consultation on Saudi labor laws, best HR practices applied locally, and other regulations that can affect staffing. We can also help clients create from scratch HR manuals in compliance with the local rules & regulations.

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• Reduce our clients startup and overhead cost.
• Enable clients to focus on their core business activity by providing integrated end to end service solutions.
• Save clients HR, Personnel & Administrative fees.
• Save staff training & turnover costs.
• Minimize the risk with issues arising from changes in labor regulations, and any government related laws.
• Share the benefits with our clients on economies of scale.
• Orientation on cultural mores and business ethics.
• Protect and build our clients brand name and reputation being on the front end of our clients daily interface with the market.

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